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Mobile intermediate class: Ekomaxx 800

The idea of economic sustainability is at the center of device development in the EKOMAXX class. "Optimal cost-benefit ratio for the utmost benefit of our clients and users" is the stated objective of ARJES. These are primarily found in businesses that treat wood and compost, as well as household and commercial waste.

Tuytel Handel is an exclusive dealer of Arjes shredders in the Netherlands.

Technical Data

Highlights in Detail

Manually insertable Waveform plates

The final width and grain size can be changed by putting pressure into or taking pressure out of the gap. The plates are rotated numerous times and reinstalled in cases of wear.

Quick change system for shafts

Shredding shafts can be installed and removed quickly thanks to a simplified technique, which also makes it easier to maintain, replace, and renew them while maintaining uninterrupted operation.

Mechanically adjustable side combs

Depending on the material and client requirements, the side combs can be opened or closed to reduce output size or boost throughput rate.

3 Convincing Advantages

  • Price-Performance

    This shredder includes standard attachments such as water spray system, magnetic belt and remote control

  • Change shafts

    The quick exchange system for the shafts significantly reduces the time spent on maintenance, refurbishment and changing the shafts. Ensuring you have the least amount of downtime as possible

  • Plug & Play

    Thanks to the SCU control and predefined programs that control the rotation and speed of the shafts, you can enjoy user-friendly operation

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